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Dog Gone 2014 December 13, 2014

Dear Neighbors,

It’s dark, raining. The dogs are restless, their nails clicking on the floor. In thirteen days it will be Christmas.

One year ago I rescued a little dog from the hoarder nearby. She was nine pounds of terrier-mix, with stinky, dust colored wire hair.


I met a new friend trying to rescue the little dog – and in the course of doing so, my life took a big turn.

We live in an isolated, beautiful mountain community. The economics here suck especially since the lake disappeared. But it’s rural and in the country, people have dogs; often, too many dogs. Every day we would hear about dogs needing homes.

So that sums up my extracurricular activities for the year.

Wendy Geis has transported for spay/neuter, or fostered, or rescued, or re-homed, hundreds of dogs in our little valley. Here on the home front, I  “mother” six dogs, and Dave next door has one new one… failed fosters, some call them; they’re the ones no one else wanted.


We hope to bring more of these to the Kern River Valley. Stay Tuned.