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Introducing Mountain Mouth Press June 27, 2018

Mountain Mouth Press is a new publishing imprint. We will be publishing fiction and non-fiction books by local and new authors and voices.

Our premiere publication will be the true-to-life memoir “A Journey With JJ” by Stephen Doorlag. This true story will shock, move and surprise you; and may even change your entire world view.



“…No one person has inspired me or made such an impression on me as JJ. We first met in the summer of 1975. We travelled together, as best as I can calculate, around 30-40 days. Over many years I have tried to document his teaching, his visions, and my recollections resulting in this book. I can not leave the earth without fulfilling my promise to JJ.” – S. Doorlag, “A Journey With JJ”

“A Journey With JJ” by Stephen Doorlag, brought to you by Mountain Mouth Press will be available soon!