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The Reviews are IN! October 21, 2018

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“…A promise that took the author more than four decades to fulfill… Doorlag’s picaresque narrative evokes the innocent revolutionary ethos of the ’70s, which becomes especially poignant when juxtaposed with the continuing struggles of the “Occupy” movement of a more world-weary millennial generation. -Kirkus Reviews

“when the author, Stephen Doorlag, was nineteen, he met such a person. His life was never the same… The shocking end and aftermath of JJ isn’t the heart of this book… Instead, the soul of this book is JJ’s teachings, which on his deathbed, were entrusted to Stephen.”




Venis, a novel October 8, 2018

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Dear Neighbors,
I’m thrilled to present my first novel, Venis.  “…a coming of age novel, but like no other…”
A famous, critical father and devoted, mysterious mother conceive a startlingly unusual child who travels the worlds of 1960’s Hawaii, 70’s San Francisco and 80’s rural California in a search for identity, truth, and love.
“A friend asked for a recommendation for a book where he could walk in another person’s shoes, a totally different life, and learn something. I recommended this new book by Kate MacDonald. ‘Venis’ is a coming-of-age story, but like no other. The story begins days after Kaimi Monroe’s birth in 1955 and continues for 30+ years. Kaimi is ‘intersex,’ also called a hermaphrodite… This book excels when it examines that sexuality, and the contradictions, and the answers that can come from a character who experiences both. I loved the early chapters set in Hawaii, beautiful and lyrical. But Kaimi endures hardship and prejudice, and hides her sexuality in fear of exposure… She is a lovable, persevering, enduring character.” Dee, Reader from Charlotte NC
“This book gives us a brutally honest look at struggle, love and acceptance. I laughed, I cried, I was horrified. I walked through every page alongside Kaimi…” Tam, Reader from California


“Enlightening – my eyes have been opened to another world. For those struggling with finding your identity, this book is a must. I couldn’t put the book down. Kate had me quessing if and how Kaimi would find peace and love…” Steve D., Reader from California