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Baby Horses Die in Government Pens September 24, 2013

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“We Don’t Count Foals”

It’s July. Outside Reno, Nevada, in the baking desert, a tiny mustang foal tries to lie down to get the sleep her growing bones needs. But there is no shade; the sun burns as relentlessly as the circling flies. She folds her stick-like legs, and thuds to the hard manure-spotted earth. The air temperature is 105, but the desert ground is over 160. Minutes later, the foal struggles back up without sleeping. Her mother is thirsty. There are over seventy wild horses sharing one trough of water. The mare can’t fight her way to the water as often as she needs. Her milk is compromised.

The foal fights for life, but in a few days, dies.

“The extreme 105-degree temperature overwhelmed me within minutes,” said Marjorie Lynne Wagner, advocate, of her visit on July 1 to the Palomino Valley Holding Facility. “When I tested the ground temperature with a new Ryobi infrared thermometer, I was shocked to see how high it read… up to 164 degrees.”

Thousands of public pleas to provide shade and more water for the horses at Palomino Valley and other facilities went unanswered this summer. Jetara Séhart, executive director of Native Wild Horse Protection, offered the Bureau of Land Management funds and materials to erect shelters for the captured mustangs, but as July’s sweltering days dragged on, there was no response. Instead of shade, the BLM installed sprinklers, which the horses studiously avoided as seen in this press release.

Unhappy with the government’s response, advocates planned a “Gimme Shelter” protest for July 20 to draw attention to the suffering horses. When they arrived at Palomino, they were met with threats and told their cars would be towed.

“You need to play nice,” BLM special agents reportedly said. It was insinuated that more protests and public scrutiny could lead to the entire facility being shuttered to the public, like what happened at Broken Arrow.

The protest was moved to Carson City.


“Little Feather” a.k.a. “Sorro” was euthanized photo: Cat Kindsfather

Until 2010, the public was welcome at Broken Arrow, another Nevada mustang and burro holding facility. Most of the almost $80 million annual budget of BLM is spent on the “long term holding” of over 50,000 once-wild mustangs and burros.

Author Terri Farley toured the facility that year and was shocked to see a “tiny emaciated foal standing at the fence line, seeming to plead for help… I was shocked at his condition.”

“I never did witness any shelter to protect near two thousand horses, foals and burros,” said advocate Cat Kindsfather, who photographed that foal the day before its death.

The dead foals are removed from the pens, and their bodies discarded in secret locations. Their deaths are secret, because dead babies are not counted among casualties of the Wild Horse and Burro program.

Not counted.

Why? The official answer is that the foals are too young to have been branded. (A freeze brand is applied to all horses and burros once captured from the wild. The brands serve as identification for each horse.) The obvious beneficial side effect of this policy is that the official death count of the round-ups is kept artificially low. Farley has dubbed them “Phantom Foals”.

“If you are managing the horses properly you need to account for all deaths as these are necessary indicators as to the standard of care,” points out Neda DeMayo, director of Return to Freedom, a 300-acre California sanctuary that houses 400 mustangs, some in intact family bands. De Mayo and others, despite their sanctuaries’ already strained resources, recently outbid killers for mustangs that mysteriously ended up at an auction mixed with Indian mounts, at the Fallon, NV auction last month. For decades, the non-profits and citizens have been left with the clean-up job for a problem artificially created by the wild Horse and Burro Program.

“No animals have passed since July 2,” Palomino Valley Director Jeb Beck said to advocates at a recent press event. But many no longer accept the agency’s numbers.

“We’re concerned about the foal deaths,” Séhart said. “There were 2,000 wild horses at Palomino Valley. The numbers there keep changing mysteriously… now there are 1700. But no horses are dying?”

 “If this is what we can see, then what’s going on behind closed doors?”


Jetara Sethart: Protesting at At Palomino Valley.
“They kept asking me which one I had picked out to save. I choose all of them.”

The horses have their enemies: the corporate ranchers, the oil and gas guys; everybody wants the public lands, now more than ever since “energy independence” is a popular refrain. The Ruby Pipeline that cuts the US out of all profit, while we bear the risk; the frackers, the oil explorers, shale oil diggers, uranium miners, and even the military would all rather operate without having to worry about a bunch of horses dying all over the place. Poisoned water, destroyed ranges and fences: the mustangs are the potential canaries in the coal mine that is the rape of the west.

The semi trucks carrying poisons in and money out don’t want to slow down for a bunch of horses on the road. But most articles that reach the public don’t point to the corporations or the ranchers, but instead scapegoat the horses and burros, and are stuffed full of tired old facts and figures. Despite outside scientific censure the BLM keeps spouting the same numbers year after year despite the thousands of horses whose lives are shattered with the round ups each season. In the last twelve months over 3,660 horses and burros were captured, their future uncertain.

“The Wild Horse and Burro Program has not used scientifically rigorous methods to estimate the population sizes of horses and burros, to model the effects of management actions on the animals, or to assess the availability and use of forage on rangelands,” said the National Research Council’s Report. The product of almost two years worth of investigation and research, it devastatingly details the failure of the BLM to manage the federally protected wild horses in its care.

Reporter Andrew Cohen who has followed the issue for years put the report in regular language. “There is no scientific basis for removing thousands of the nation’s horses from public lands and placing them in expensive and dangerous enclosures. There is no scientific basis for ignoring or minimizing safe fertility controls. There is no scientific basis for claiming that the relatively small number of horses do more damage to our lands than do the vast number of cattle and sheep who graze on it at vastly under-market “welfare ranching” rates.”

Off the record, BLM employees admit “Nobody knows how many horses are out there.”

Congressman Raul Grijalva, touring the facility with the press last month, agreed, calling the BLM “a very broken management system” that is “not functional.”

“When advocates are passionate about an issue — as advocates for the wild horses are — sometimes unfortunately you dismiss that as being ‘a point of view,’ the congressman said. “I think what the academy did is validate it.”

Towards the end of August the BLM held a public meeting to discuss whether the mustangs at Palomino and other holding facilities required shelter, and if so, gather information on how to proceed.

Some of the advocates were encouraged that the agency was finally responding. Others said action was needed, not a discussion, pointing out that in the wild, mustangs have the freedom to seek shade. “It’s ridiculous to question whether a baby horse needs shelter on a 106-degree day. The BLM requires mustang and burro adopters to provide a 3-sided shelter. It’s a no-brainer.”

Deaths of foals are not counted; herds are  not actually or factually counted; photographers are fenced away from entire pens of horses at holding facilities; and kept miles away from round-up trap sites…

A report almost two years in the making is still not acted on half a year later. Facilities that have received negative publicity, like Broken Arrow, have been closed to the public…

Thousands of rounded-up horses with no adoption market end up every year in long term holding are on private lands. A gal who calls herself Pioneer Woman is among the few with lucrative government contracts in the millions, to run mustangs on their properties with no oversight. The BLM’s budget is 70 million dollars and most of it is spent on round ups and long term holding costs…

Thousands of signatures on a petition were counted by the BLM as one public response…

Wild Mustang Robin, a twelve year old, traveled to Capitol Hill with 250,000 signed letters, asking for humane treatment for America’s mustangs. She was told she could not deliver her letters, and she was ridiculed, but the next day, she prevailed.

A court battle over reporter’s rights to document the roundups has gained support from thirteen press organizations and overturned a lower court’s decision:  “I have spent the last four years trying to tell the story of the wild horse on the range, during capture and in holding,” stated Laura Leigh, plaintiff. “I have been met with restrictions at every turn.”

Sally Jewell, the new head of the Department of Interior, has said nothing specific about her plans for the program. Her predecessor, Ken Salazar, stepped down a few months after threatening a reporter.

Despite lots of talk of transparency, the BLM is still opaque. The hot light of public scrutiny and dissatisfaction may be beginning to sweat the agency – though still not as painfully as the desert sun on the backs of the mustangs at Palomino Valley.

Copyright Sept 2013 by Kate MacDonald

*italics by author

correction 9/24 Top photo was incorrectly attributed, photo is courtesy Cat Kindsfather. Apologies!


90 Responses to “Baby Horses Die in Government Pens”

  1. Hannah hoas Says:

    This is just not okey anywhere!! Wild horses are not wild if they are in capture.. They are just not tamed. My heart cryes out to those poor horses.

  2. Diana St Gaudens Says:

    So what is going to happen to help these animals? What more can we the public do? We have signed and protested and had public officials..but no change. What now? What do we do?

    • Bonnie Daut Says:


    • Thanks everyone, for reading and sharing this article. One way to help is to protest the next planned round-ups, preventing more wild mustangs being captured, losing their freedom, and ending up being supported by our taxes.
      The Massacre Lakes herd is next. The BLM is accepting comments UNTIL FRIDAY. This herd has been not rounded up in 25 years, but is less than 200 animals. This herd is an example that blows away the BLM’s assertion that herds increase at 20% a year. If 160 horses increased at 20%, there would be a thousand in just 10 years. So this herd must be left alone and studied. Please read the issue, then act- before we lose one of the last herds in California!

  3. Sharon Ashby Says:

    This is disgusting pure human greed. Provide adequately or leave them be in the wild.

  4. Eve R. Mead Says:

    Heartless Souls do this to Horses@Foals. Killing Foals this way leaves Minus Horses to DEAL WITH!! It’s as Plain as that to My Eye’s…Why, can’t Irrigation Pipes be brought in Like The RANCHES Have to Mist All the Horses in these Holding Pens..Ranchers Have Them to grow there Fields@Use on their Livestock?????

    • Eve, Palomino Valley did install sprinklers; but the mustangs avoided them. In the wild they can seek shade; there are no sprinklers. They can cool their hooves in wet mud. They can afford to wait to drink water, because, sooner or later, the herd moves.
      The BLM is removing horses for which there is no adoption market. As such the removals should only be under the most dire circumstances.
      Yet as I write, the BLM moves forward with plans to genetically destroy one of California’s last heritage herds.
      Lets stop this insane removal at Massacre Lake
      – thank you for reading, thank you for caring!- MM

  5. Dawn Says:

    SAD! and very SHAMEFUL! SHAME ON YOU, B.L.M! You can do BETTER!

    • Thanks, Dawn, for reading – let’s stop more senseless removals: T
      Thanks for reading and sharing this article. One way to help: protest the next planned round-ups, preventing more wild mustangs being captured, losing their freedom, and ending up being supported by our taxes.

      The Massacre Lakes herd is next. The BLM is accepting comments UNTIL FRIDAY. This herd has been not rounded up in 25 years, but is less than 200 animals. This herd is an example that blows away the BLM’s assertion that herds increase at 20% a year. If 160 horses increased at 20%, there would be a thousand in just 10 years. So this herd must be left alone and studied. Please read the issue, then act- before we lose one of the last herds in California!

  6. Erin Dent Says:

    I am so angry at how these animals are be mistreated! PLEASE!!!!!! Help stop this torture! May those that do this to these beautiful animals burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. joanna Says:

    That is sick. Everyone such be aware of things like this. Do you think anyone in the government cares? They just care about how they can cheat everyone and make deals for extra $ for themselves. They all should be ashamed if they don’t fix this.



  9. Rauline Miller Says:

    I have written and called and will keep doing so until they take care of these animals. What else can we do?

  10. Joanne Says:

    This is just one more sad example of what you don’t want in a government. You can ignore the truth, but it doesn’t fix it, or make it any different then what it is. How sad that there are no people who care enough about these horses, in a position to really help them. And the people who do want to help them are kept away for no reason. This is our land, and these are our horses. The decision to use that land for gas and oil projects is I truly believe, illegal. We say no to oil and yes to animals…And we say no to you.

  11. Treva Fortner Says:

    This is absolutely inhumane and makes me sick with hatred for the people doing this to our wild horses! Where in the hell is the ASPCA or Humane Society? This is the very thing they are supposed to be climbing all over! I’m disgusted. These horses belong to the people in this country – just like air and water and land. Why are people so cruel? I won’t stand another minute of this.

  12. Kate Royston Says:

    Please treat mustangs with some humanity, shame on you USA! You are not a civilized country.

  13. Terri Gann Says:

    WAKE UP WORLD! What the heck is wrong with these stupid people that they allow even ONE life to be lost to their lack of caring and ignorance. These animals have feelings just like us and they deserve so much better. Maybe the people who make these stupid descisions should have to spend ONE DAY in the hell hole they put these horses in. What does it say for us that we allow them to stay in office and keep making these choices? TIME TO STAND up to them and take their jobs away!

  14. rcatheron Says:

    This is so maddening. Most of the BLM employees are way too big for their britches, ridiculously self-righteous, and act as though the horses belong solely to them. They’re behaving like a group of resentful teenagers paid to take care of packs of pesky rodents. What they consistently fail to realize is that they are paid BY US, and those are OUR horses.
    The fact that they refuse access or viewing by any of the public is increasingly frustrating.

    • Mohrman Says:

      Well said!! We as tax payers pay for their care, damm it. Start taking care of the equines or get someone in to clean house and replace the people doing this with people who will do their job and be held accountable. An outside source hired by the people, supervisors who are not in the damm broken system. I’m so sick of this. Sorry for my anger but I can’t help it!

  15. Becca Goins Says:

    BLM are some of the most barbaric uneducated assholes I have ever seen! Kill, that’s all they know… what idiots they are! I am ashamed of our government but then I’m Native American, I learned to hate our government years ago. As my ancestors did!

  16. melanie medrano Says:

    here you go trying to kill us all over i have 50 a of land and working on 100a more i would love to have them

    • Melanie, there are lots of beautiful mustangs that have been rounded up that need homes. I can help you if you are really considering adoption! Thank for reading, but mostly, thanks for caring!

  17. stopogs Says:

    This is unacceptable, you have the funding and resources to properly care for these animals and you are intentionally not doing so. Protect their welfare and treat them humanely or set them free, anything else is criminal.

  18. Thanks everyone, for reading and sharing this article. One way to help is to protest the next planned round-ups, preventing more wild mustangs being captured, losing their freedom, and ending up being supported by our taxes.
    The Massacre Lakes herd is next. The BLM is accepting comments UNTIL FRIDAY. This herd has been not rounded up in 25 years, but is less than 200 animals. This herd is an example that blows away the BLM’s assertion that herds increase at 20% a year. If 160 horses increased at 20%, there would be a thousand in just 10 years. So this herd must be left alone and studied. Please read the issue, then act- before we lose one of the last herds in California!

  19. L Deerwillow Says:

    People, please educate yourself. The BLM is NOT killing the horses. They horses ARE starving and dieing on the ranges. There is NOT enough food on the ranges. Those foals look just like sleeping foals. A photo can say what ever you want it to say. I have taken the same kind of photos of very much alive and sleeping foals.

    • S Davis Says:

      Really? Why is it that horses are dying on the ranges but cattle are not. Don’t suppose you have an explanation for that?

    • Deerwillow, I can only refer you to my comment above to Bethany. The foal “Sorro” did die. The foals deaths are not counted. The BLM is continuing to remove horses without enough science to back up their claims of emergencies. What proof do you have of your statements? I am curious to see it.
      Do you think baby horses do not need shade when the ground temp is over 160 degrees?

      By the way, I think you and Bethany went to the same school as dying is spelled d-y-i-n-g not “dieing”.

  20. Bethany Says:

    In ways i do agree with the BLM there are way to many mustangs dieing because of the food shortage. and so they need round them up. i am horse lover and i want to own a mustang. i own 3 horses it takes alot to care for horses and alot of land. but they do need to have hay and unlimited water and shade for the horses.

    • Bethany, let’s see some sources for your statement “way to (sic) many mustangs dieing (sic) because of the food shortage.” Cattle outnumber horses 50:1 in some places on the ranges that are mandated to be managed primarily for the mustangs. Mustangs are only occupying a very small piece of our public lands. If there are food shortages on some ranges, then perhaps the cattle should be the first to go. Maybe the range should be assessed- are there new fences keeping horses away from forage? Even if a shortage is not artificially caused, isn’t it cheaper to drop a few bales in the winter months than round up, process, transport and then warehouse those animals for the next 20-30 years?
      The horses belong to the American people, and evolved here; neither is true for the cattle and sheep which graze at an artificially low cost which benefits only a small few corporations which own the ranches which own the cattle. Wild mustangs assist in the health of the range by their grazing habits, unlike cattle and sheep. They are truly native, not “feral”. There were not 2 million house cats living without the help of mankind, thriving like the mustangs were two hundred years ago. That is the difference between “feral” and native. I have seen thousands of photos of mustangs in the herd areas that were not only well fed, but truly gorgeous, magnificent examples of the equine species.

    • rcatheron Says:

      Let Deerwillow and Bethany, you’re obviously only reading what the BLM write, listening only to what they tell the public. You’re both wrong. Our wild horses have been thriving on their ranges for centuries, whether they’re in the mountains of Wyoming or Montana, or the high deserts of Nevada and Utah. There is plenty of forage and water for all of them, and for the ones that have been captured by the BLM.
      If you really believe that a new foal can survive 105° days and lay down to sleep on sand that is 164° and survive, you don’t know anything about horses. Please educate YOURSELF by reading something other than BLM drivel. Start with anything by Habitat for Horses, Equine Welfare Alliance, In Defense of Animals, The Cloud Foundation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Straight From The Horses’ Heart, Return to Freedom, and many, many other sources with actual facts.

  21. Susan Davis Says:

    It is infuriating that this agency continues to operate in such a tyrannical manner. Seeking to promote their own agendas. The BLM should be abolished or at the very least restructured. They have the audacity to thumb their noses at the very people who fund this agency.

  22. No animal should be kept under that heat. If I did that here in Fl I would be cited for Animal Cruelty. Its Cruel. All complaints fall on deaf Government ears. There just is no excuse for this.

    • Janice, That’s right. The issue is twisted to seen as complex, but really, it’s not. Like Jetara says, “Give them shade, or set them free.” Since publishing this article, the Palomino Valley has moved towards providing shelter. -Fine- yet the babies endured the worst heat of summer already. And have done so- for how many years?
      I am a writer; I do research; but I’m just one person, with a part time job. If the public lands are valuable, then why is there not a transparent, open group that oversees this crucial, limited, irreplaceable resource, OUR PUBLIC LANDS.

  23. Penny Zielstorf Says:

    Rot in HELL BLM and the Fish and Wildlife department and every kill buyer that walks the earth these are my taxes dollars that pays for this land and for these horses to live on along with your worthless wages you low life’s what kind of sick human would have any part of this. While you lay awaiting death I pray all these evil deeds you have done to this beloved horse burn in your brain. It is true Hell has a special place for child and animal abusers and your name will be there..

  24. Elissa Says:

    Shame on the agencies that allowed this to happen!
    Our country is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave!!! It doesn’t appear like this to me when they herd wild mustangs and take away their freedom!
    Again I say ..,, shame on you!!!

  25. This is outrageous, capturing them, keeping them penned up to do what is ridiculous and a waste of money, but if that isn’t bad enough, to keep them in this condition is inhumane . The government neefs to do something about it and do it NOW!!!!

  26. sam Says:

    I understand that there needs to be more than plenty of water supplied to these animals and I pray that these animals are helped but when it comes to the shelter/shade subject, if some of you don’t realize, mustangs that do live in the wild, don’t have much shade provided to them other than what shrub is natural in the environment so they are used to, and therefore built for desert environments, temperatures, and weather. But I do agree, that if they are in captivity than they need to be provided with the necessary amount of food and water so I do pray they are helped.

    • Sam, that is a vital point: in the wild, horses have the ability to move to shade. Even in the desert, there are ridges, tree, bushes, arroyos, etc, that provide shade throughout the day. My mustang has 5 acres, and what’s the first thing he does when I let him out in the afternoon? – head for the shade. To deny shade, when the air temp is over 100, and there is insufficient water, would be considered torture if inflicted on humans. Would anyone lay a days old child on the desert ground at mid-day? Then why is it okay for our government to use our tax dollars to round up these babies, and subject them to that?

  27. This is outrageous, to capture them and keep them penned up for what? It is a total waste of time and money and what makes it even worse is the conditions they are kept in, this is so inhumane and the government does nothing, they need to do something about this horrrndous situation and do it NOW!!!!

    • Susan, thanks for you comment! By sharing through social media, perhaps enough people will become vocal and the Dept of Interior is forced to take notice. Speak up for America’s wild horses and burros, who can not speak for themselves.

  28. Giselle Says:

    Please star a petition.

    • Be our guest, Giselle, there have been many, petitions written and signed and delivered to the government. However, thousands of signatures on one petition has been counted as only ONE comment by the BLM. It is time to get really loud, write a fax! -even if it’s only a few words, it seems to be a better way to protest. And donate or volunteer with a horse rescue or group. There are plenty to choose from all across the country.

  29. rcatheron Says:

    Folks, we can vent and whine and complain to each other all day long here, but at the end of the day that’s all it is, complaining, and we haven’t accomplished a thing. Let’s walk the talk, today, right now, and contact the BLM with our complaints. Let’s not let them decimate the Massacre Lakes herd. Themountainmouth has given us the website several times here, but has anyone here used it? DO IT RIGHT NOW. Stop this roundup.

    • Thank you. This social media can be the tool we need to unite voices against the roundups, and against slaughter, and outlawing transport or sale of American horses for slaughter. It is only a small group of horse eating rich that think its ok to kill and abuse horses, and the only reason they are getting away with it is because most people don’t know about it. Kids protected the mustangs in the 1970’s but now our own government is breaking that law. Time to get loud, people! At least, share! LOL

  30. rcatheron Says:

    Done. My comments have been submitted to the BLM. It took me all of five minutes to add a few sentences to the beginning of pre-formatted letter and hit “Send.” I read somewhere that if all of the comments received look alike, they’re counted as just one comment. Please add your own words to the beginning or the end of the letter so each of our comments is counted separately.

  31. Amanda Gibbs Says:

    What does Monty Roberts have to say about what is going on?

  32. Amanda Gibbs Says:

    I thought things got bad across here in Spain but this seems mindless…someone needs to know how to manage livestock especially horses..I smell a rat..good luck will share and tell us europeans if there is anything we can do.

  33. Liz Says:

    I added this to my comments:
    FIRST and FOREMOST, if we, the American public kept horses as you are forcing these wild horses to live in pens without shelter and proper medical care, we would be thrown in jail – PLEASE tell me why you have the right to abuse this American legacy?

  34. Cat Says:

    Kate, my photo at top does not relate to any current events at PVC. I took that shot in 2010 at Broken Arrow.
    And it was a yearling filly that died during the heat wave in July @ Palomino Valley Center near Reno. She was listed by BLM, as an undetermined death. Her body did absorb the horrendous ground temperature upward of 160 degrees, when she stayed down on the ground. Very sad that she had no option to get shelter. Please edit the language. It was not a tiny foal that died in the heat wave. I don’t want my images used with language attached to them that is inaccurate. Thank you …..

  35. Erin hammill Says:

    If any one of us horse owners ever left our animals in the blistering heat, lack of water or care to die in the stiffling heat, the Government would be the first to take them away. What is this world coming to? The wild mustang was put on this earth as just that, a WILD mustang. In the wild they would find shelter and water. The government is a bunch of heartless idiots.

  36. alafair2010 Says:

    Reblogged this on The Monsters Among Us and commented:
    Please Help these horses. Screw our evil government, Let them go

  37. Robby Strozier Says:

    Man inhumanity to our lesser ones shows his true colors!!!

  38. This is about the most sinful thing I have seen. SHAME ON YOU! YOU will one day have to answer for this. These are GOD’S CREATURES! What are you going to say when HE asks you WHY???

  39. Gianna Says:

    Absolutely disgraceful! There are obvious things in which you could do to help! Install shade sails throughout the paddock, including covering the water trough so the water stays cool and doesn’t evaporate! More than 1 trough should also be in operation. I am just disgusted with these people!

  40. This government sucks if this is happening to these beautiful creatures. What is wrong with the true men in government today are they so money hungry that all they care about is themselves. Even beautiful puppies and grown dogs are killed every day and nobody cares . Don’t they realize that one day they too will die and face God for not helping his creatures in need. i would love to see that .Its the rich that can do something by building better shelters for these poor creatures but they rather spend there money on cars and boats for there own pleasures .How selfish they are and blind or they just don’t care. I wish i had a lot of money to do something to help but all I can do is cry for the animals .

  41. edie Says:

    this hurts my heart ===what is happening to people who d=just dont care anymore====i just dont get it……please someone HELP these horses……God Please !!!!!!

  42. I am shocked to see that the suffering of all these horses mustangs and fouls through lack of caring for these animals, I thought that the U.S.A was a much more educated and compassionate country that cared for there animals, but they seem to have the attitude as a lot of these backward and uneducated countries who eat there pets / cats and dogs and not think any thing of it, maybe that will be next if they haven’t thought of it yet,(horse meat )

  43. S Thomas Says:

    I recently went to a local 24hr restaurant with some friends. We ordered dinners from a friendly waitress, complete with odervours…Two older,grey haired men came in and where seated behind us by the same waitress. As we enjoyed our food the waitress began flirting with the two men. The conversation went from “Do you know what you want to order”…to “no we don’t sell roadkill,” The three continued with vivid descriptions of various animals they’ve seen hurt, injured, suffering and hit on local highways…Having herd more than enough to turn my stomach sour I turned and interrupted their loud, laughing, cussing and vulgar descriptions of a young horse, severely injured, “Excuse me, We are trying to enjoy our dinners, Please continue your conversations privately…” All three roared in laughter. The conversation then went very loudly to consuming pets for meals”, We placed our filled plates together ,got up and went to checkout, asking to speak to the manager…The manager was the waitress that had embarked on the loud discussions with the grey haired men. We where not charged for our meals. We where each given a business card to call a toll free number ” If we felt we needed to pursue our dissatisfaction with the service…” Where do people of this caliber think they are…No job ethics, No moral ethics or compassion, No honoring federal law “Finding a wild animal suffering on local/federal roadways call 911 and ask for the local Game Warden reporting where the animal is” also asking for ” local information for phone numbers to a local wildlife rescue, the local ASPCA or other organization specific to the animals kind.”

  44. I believe everyone needs to remember that those horses are wild. They don’t belong to the BLM. They belong to you and me as citizens of the UNITED STATES. OUR property. They are rounding up, killing and selling OUR property.

  45. arc Says:

    Even if these horses were still loose there is no shade in reno, very little to graze on, and very little water . Look in peoples backyards domesticated horses don’t even have any shade or protection from the elements

    • In the wild the mustangs and burros can move to seek shade even if it’s the side of a hill or brush. And around here domestic horses are proved shade. If you wish to adopt a mustang you are required to provide a 3 sided shelter.

  46. article on my shelter campaign efforts… I wonder if horse #8318 is still around, as Reid claims.

    • Dear Readers,
      Thanks to everyone, so much, for caring about America’s wild horses and burros.
      I have received some criticism on the story about foals dying in government pens. I was attempting to write about the bureau of Land Management’s policy of secrecy in the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Did that specific foal in the photo die? Who knows? Did I post the wrong photo? Apparently so! But, criticism of my writing and journalistic skills aside: Are mustang foals DYING at Palomino Valley and other facilities?. Are the deaths counted?
      Please refer me to any recent articles in which the BLM’s statistics and statements are ABSOLUTELY TRUE AND IRREFUTABLE. Thanks! I am looking forward to it.
      Tomorrow is the last day to comment on the Massacre Lakes proposed herd decimation.

  47. Ricky L. Johansen, Jr., Ph.D. Says:

    In this modern day of high technology and welath; this should NEVER happen!! There should NEVER be a reason to euthanize a colt who could have been saved by providing nourishment and air conditioned enviorns with which to live; no excuse and any excuse at all is just plain wrong!! Prof. Ricky L. Johansen, Jr., Ph.D.

  48. Carrie Says:

    OMG This is truly terrible. How can they capture these beautiful wild horses and not provide shade, shelter and enough water for them. They should leave them alone to run free if they are not going to provide the proper essentials for them. I am from Toronto Ontario Canada, and I would like to know what I can do to help these beautiful mustangs. This has broken my heart. I can’t believe that your country’s government allows this to happen,

  49. lisa Says:

    lets all get together and let the horses go,The goverments boys can’t stop about 20 million people from opening gates!!:)

  50. Marie Sandra Says:

    My name is Sandy but many know me under my author name of Emry Kale Owens. I am a huge advocate for the mustang and have spent my life from the best view in the world….the back of a horse. They have taught so much to so many. Perhaps the best response to this judge is to ask…….what makes them not a historical figure?? Every part, every piece of history is embeded with the hoof prints of the horse. They symbolize not only the spirit of our Native culture that was virtually wiped out they symbolize our country. The wars we have fought the battles that we have lost and the many we have won. We do not live in the United Kingdom where there are glorious castles left preserved through the centuries, we live here in this country, the United States where the voice of the people should echo more loudly then any judge’s gavel. We do not have castles of stone to symbolize our history we have teepees and buffalo…..and the horse. Dominion has taken all but one of these away and now the one piece of time that has stood against the changing pace of a changing world…….the wild horse… being slowly torn away. Rounded up, broken, slaughtered, neglected, forgotten. Many people speak of our great country as though it was just suddenly built, they far to often forget that it was fought for, died for and through those battles it was the sound of hooves beating upon our soil that carried our soldiers to victory. So again to the question “Why should they be protected?’ ….the answer is simple…..because as time moves forward we grow further from our roots farther from a world that so many of us long to return to, we are reminded that world once, and in some places, still does exist For those who long to see it they need only to drive across state borders where they can then find the past running freely, and they can share the beauty and the freedom of a world untouched with their children for the first time. These wild horses are not government property they belong to every citizen of the United States….and on this site alone there are over 60,000 voices uniting to protect them…..that should stand for something.

    • Bravo! The United States wouldn’t be, if not for the horse.
      Even though the blood of some herds has been mixed with many domestic breeds, in many cases they were the best: the stallions smart enough to escape; the ones sturdy enough to survive. What makes any human, especially those who call themselves Christian, think they are a better horse breeder than God? (or Nature, as I like to call It.)
      Our parks and public lands are a priceless resource, yet there are those who feel they can sell them to the first bidder. To blemish any of our irreplaceable land for short-term profit is short-sighted; chasing after fossil fuels to the destruction of those lands is insane. Yet those are the battle lines on which the wild horses and burros live.
      It is not all about the horses. But if the wild mustangs survive this land grab and are allowed to just be, it mean we have not destroyed all the public lands. Range scientists have shown that horse herds are beneficial, whereas cattle and sheep are unsustainable. Maybe it has something to do with the inarguable fact that horses evolved here, in North America, making them a native species, no matter how much ranchers and our own government try to say they are not.

      Emry, thank you for your comments, and for sharing my posts. I would love to check out your site and books, please send links.

  51. George W Bush Says:

    Maybe someone will put a “bounty” on the head of BLM officials. Then we can make some money (to help save the horses) by shooting the bastards.

    • Why George! That doesn’t sound very Texan. LOL
      The Mountain Mouth appreciates your enthusiasm but does not officially condone any violence or pay bounties! Unless it’s a rattler in the horse pen, or the house. Just sayin’.

  52. Linda Bennett Says:

    I think this is really sad that these animals are suffering under the hands of our on government. These horses should be allowed to roam free and not penned up without enough water or food. This is torture and should be stopped. These horses are not dangerous and not causing problems to anyone or anything. Why is this allowed to happened?? Things need to change!!!!!!!!!

  53. LT Says:

    Well, this is just heart wrenching. I can’t stop the water coming from my eyes. Our government. Wow.
    I think since the government has shut down, it’s time to turn the horses and burrows loose. Fuck Obama and the BLMs and all they stand for….oh, they don’t care about anything but how much money they can put in their pockets at the expense of us taxpayers…..and wild horses from the slaughter of them. I’m with George up there!!!!! Sign me up.

    • Says:

      It is 11/18/2013 I have just been aware this problem could someone please send me info on how I can help!!!! This is scary.. I am very involved the horse world and would like to help anyway I can !!

      • Hi Cuddyrandy, There are many groups that you can support with monetary donations. supports several hundreds of rescued mustangs/ wild Horse Education is suing the BLM for fair treatment for the mustangs, and Return to Freedom and the Cloud Foundation all rescue and educate. Then you can write your legislators and let them know how you feel. Let them know you support ending horse slaughter and transporting of horses to slaughter in other countries. Let them know mustangs need to be managed on the range, not rounded up and stockpiled. Insist the mustangs are protected as per the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act Thanks for reading! -The Mouth

  54. Carolyn Says:

    Hlpful info. Fortunatee me I folund your webb site unintentionally, and
    I’m surprised whyy this twist oof fate didn’t took place in advance!
    I boookmarked it.

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